Wise Staff

  • Cesilee Coulson
    (206) 786-0239

    Cesilee Coulson

    Executive Director

    Ces brings 20 years of experience in training and development to her position, including, leadership development, Employment First strategy development and non-profit management. She designs, implements and manages employment training and technical assistance projects that increase employment opportunities and outcomes. She holds certifications as an Executive Coach by the Hudson Institute and a Somatic Executive and Leadership Coach by the Strozzi Institute. She is a past board member for National APSE, the National APSE Foundation and is a current board member with the Community Employment Alliance (a WA State Association of Employment Agencies). She holds a Masters Degree in Social Psychology/Exercise and Movement Science from the University of Oregon. Ces lives in Bellingham, WA where she enjoys sailing in the San Juan Islands, golfing, camping and gardening with her family and two dogs.

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  • Susan Harrell
    (360) 239-9919

    Susan Harrell

    Assistant Executive Director

    Susan Harrell has worked with and on behalf of people with disabilities through direct service, service agency management, and governmental and agency consulting since 1985, with a specific focus on employment as an essential component to assure community integration, financial stability, and quality of life. Susan specializes in the following consultation and training topics: Job Development; Job Coaching; Social Security and Medical Benefits; Work Incentives; Individual Resource Development; Person-Centered Planning; and Policies and Regulations Related to the Self-Sufficiency of Individuals with Disabilities. Susan lives in Olympia, WA, where she enjoys spending time with her family, playing golf, gardening, and working on home improvement projects.

  • Monica McDaniel

    Monica McDaniel

    Director TA and Training

    Monica McDaniel, current Program Manager at W.i.S.e., is a state-wide and national trainer with over 20 years of experience implementing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Monica continues to provide technical assistance and consultation in a variety of Supported Employment fundamentals such as: Job Coaching, Marketing, Job Development and the A.D.A. She is also currently an instructor for the Highline Employment Certification program. Monica resides in Lake Tapps, where she enjoys being a mom of recent UW Freshman (Go Huskies!), gardening, running, and traveling to new destinations.

  • Jim Corey

    Jim Corey

    Director Program Development

    Jim Corey is a trainer and technical assistance provider specializing in Employment First implementation, training coordination, person-centered employment planning, self-employment, innovative project development, and now, working with adults who experience autism spectrum disorders in their pursuit of employment. He has over 20 years experience serving the developmental disability community including work as an employment service provider, employment program supervisor, state vocational rehabilitation counselor, mental health counselor, residential program manager, and trainer. Jim is also a studio painter, photographer, and writer. He enjoys the outdoors, cooking, living in downtown Seattle, Italy, and other creative pursuits.

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  • Cathy Sacco

    Cathy Sacco

    Senior Program Manager

    Cathy Sacco is a state-wide leader in development of employment awareness and prospects for individuals with disabilities. With over 20 years of experience in the field, she has spent the last 7 years as a consultant focusing on outreach and partnerships with the business community. Cathy has worked with companies including Providence Health and Services, Spokane Teacher's Credit Union, Community Minded Enterprises, Agtoprof, and TIAA-CREF. She has assisted in the design, development and implementation of innovative projects such as Hire Ability Day, Project MOVE (Mentoring Opportunity in Vocation and Education), Project SEARCH, and a Corporate Speaker's Bureau. Cathy's focused training topics include: Employer Initiatives and Outreach, Job Development, Social Security and Work Incentives, Mentoring, High School Transition and Individual Planning. She is a member of Greater Spokane Incorporated, the local chapter of American Society of Training and Development, APSE, "Leadership Connect" Technical Assistance and serves on many boards and committees in her local community. Cathy lives in Spokane and, when not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, exercising, reading and doing all things outdoors.

  • Jeanne Yunker

    Jeanne Yunker

    Finance Director

    Jeanne is a seasoned vet from the accounting world. She is embracing the fulfillment and purpose in her role as the Finance Director at WISE after 25 years as the owner of Bookwork$ Accounting. She led an extensive corporate life prior to starting her business while raising her family. Jeanne likens herself as the “accountant with personality” and finds joy in helping figure out the complexities of financial matters. Jeanne enjoys coveted time with her husband in many outdoor activities, entertaining and dancing. She also volunteers in a variety of food service roles.

  • Jaimie Laitinen

    Jaimie Laitinen

    Program Manager

    Jaimie Laitinen began her work with WISE in 2005 as part of the WISE Work Study Program as a student and intern through the Human Services Program at Western Washington University and became a member of the WISE team in 2007. Since then she has managed and coordinated numerous family trainings around Washington State, created and taught workshops for transition students, managed the WISE Work Study Program, and coordinated training events ranging from small one-day workshops to large statewide, regional, and national conferences. She currently leads the WISE Social Media Team, coordinates WISE events, and facilitates Person Centered Plans around Washington State. Her passion is working with families and individuals to create new opportunities for employment and community connections. She holds a Bachelor’s in Human Services with a focus on employment programs, completed the Highline College Employment Specialist Certificate Program in 2014, and is a certified employment consultant through APSE CESP Exam. In her spare time she enjoys travel, art, gardening, and being with her family and friends.

  • Debbie Moore

    Debbie Moore

    Program Manager

    Debbie Moore joins WISE as the Partners for Work Coordinator bringing 25 years experience working with individuals with disabilities. Most recently she worked for 13 years as a Career Specialist within the Issaquah School District Transition Program where she implemented and managed student career development activities. Debbie's strengths include creative job development, facilitating and maintaining partnerships within local business, collaborating with various agencies and facing daily challenges head on. Debbie lives in Issaquah and has one son, a proud Central Washington University graduate. She enjoys spending free time with family and friends going to movies, hikes, coffee dates and laughter. Every opportunity to travel is welcomed with open arms.

  • Brandi Monts
    (360) 878-7071

    Brandi Monts

    Director TA and Training

    Brandi Monts has a life-long personal connection to developmental disabilities, as well as over 13 years of work experience in the field. Her previous positions include residential services, supported employment, transition from school to work, teaching, and county government. Realizing her commitment to the disability field early in her education, Brandi earned a BA in Social Work from the University of Washington and later went on to obtain a Master in Public Administration, with a focus on Public Policy at The Evergreen State College. Brandi's interests and expertise include agency organization, public policy and practice, community organizing, service systems collaboration, and wrap around service coordination for people with significant support needs. Brandi also taught English in Japan and is interested in multi-cultural service coordination and international disability issues, including efforts surrounding the United Nations Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

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  • Tyler Talcott
    (206) 391-8200

    Tyler Talcott

    Information Technology Assistant

    Tyler Talcott joined WISE in the summer of 2012 as an IT Assistant. He is a handy addition to the office staff and takes care of ordering supplies, fixing computers, helping co-workers on their projects, and editing videos. Tyler is responsible for all the content on the WiseMovies YouTube site, including transcribing the audio for captioning. He enjoys chatting with people in the office, and learning new computer programs that he can use in his job. When not at work, Tyler enjoys hiking and learning how to draw.

  • Shaun Wood
    (206) 388-6307

    Shaun Wood

    Program Manager

    Shaun is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with over 12 years of experience supporting individuals who experience developmental disabilities. Over that time he has worked in schools, people’s homes, and workplaces. Additionally, Shaun is a certified Employment Specialist through Highline Community College. He served in the United States Peace Corps in Bulgaria and has both his M.Ed. in Applied Behavior Analysis and his B.A. in Political Science and Human Rights from the University of Washington. Shaun is particularly interested in using ABA, emerging technology, reflective processes, and mentorship to drive employment outcomes. When he isn’t working, he likes to cook, bake, jog and ride his bike around Seattle.

  • Dan Rutten

    Dan Rutten

    Program Manager

    Dan has been working in the field of Supported Employment since 2004 and has worked as a Job Coach, Employment Consultant, and Program Manager. Dan is a Certified Employment Support Professional (CESP) through APSE and received his BA is Social Sciences from the University of Washington. Being a strong believer in the idea that knowledge exists to share, not be kept, Dan enjoys collaborating with people whenever possible and has provided a number of trainings to Supported Employment Vendors, State DVR, and Transition Program instructors in Washington and Alaska on the fundamentals of job coaching and natural supports. Dan also has a strong interest in exploring alternate teaching methods and low cost accommodations that allow people to live their lives with as much independence as they possibly can. In his free time, Dan spends time with his family, collects records and comics, and likes to explore the city.

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  • Robyn Hoffman

    Robyn Hoffman

    Program Manager

    Robyn joined WISE in 2015 with 25+ years of comprehensive field experience serving children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Oregon. She sought out this career path while earning simultaneous BA degrees in Psychology and Sociology/Social Work at George Fox University. While working in a group home for teens with I/DD, she fell in love with the people and the field and never left. Her experience includes residential, vocational, case management, quality assurance, leadership, training, and technical assistance in both the non-profit and public service sectors. Wanting to become an even stronger resource to businesses, in 2013 Robyn added a Masters degree in Business Administration from Marylhurst University. And she found a perfect fit with WISE as our Oregon Transformation Project Manager, a position which allows her to focus on her love, since her teens, of teaching and training, and empowering people. Her most recent passion is to apply Lean Management techniques to organizational and employment program practices, which focus on value-added and person-centered activities while requirements and regulations are met more naturally, customized to the person, and manageable. Robyn lives near Portland and loves natural beauty with her family and her boyfriend camping, fishing, traveling, or her personal favorite, visiting a beautiful beach!

  • Emily Harris

    Emily Harris

    Program Manager

    Emily Harris has had the good fortune to be affiliated with people with disabilities throughout her life. She has experience as an employment consultant and as a Positive Behavior Support consultant with individuals, families, and employment agencies both in Oregon and Washington States. Emily is committed to the concept of inclusion and full participation, and knows that employment is critical to equity. Emily is a Certified Employment Professional through APSE, is a primary trainer and the new manager for the Oregon Employment Learning Network, and a Person Centered Planning facilitator. She holds a BS in Arts in Letters with a focus in women studies and English. Emily is interested in creative, innovative, low-tech ways to support people to be independent on their jobs. Emily loves music (especially soul and oldies on vinyl), running, spending time with her family, and vintage shopping in small towns.

  • Katherine Titus

    Katherine Titus

    Senior Program Manager

    Katherine Titus has 15+ years experience working with individuals who happen to have a developmental disability. Most recently, Katherine has spent the past 9 years as the Program Manager for ENSO in Spokane, WA. Her role at ENSO involved working with individuals, families, Spokane County, the Developmental Disability Administration, DVR, employers and schools to promote equal employment for all. Prior to that, Katherine worked for WISE as a program manager, facilitating person-centered employment plans and working with individuals to self-direct their employment services. Katherine's strengths include supporting individuals through system navigation, person-centered planning, listening to what individuals are truly wanting to express, and advocating side-by-side with other advocates. Katherine enjoys spending free time with her family and large family of friends, is immersed in college football (Roll Tide) and will jump at any opportunity to travel and see new places.

  • Aimee Sharp

    Aimee Sharp

    Program Manager

    Aimee Sharp is passionate about equality and inclusion and believes that employment is the most efficient way for a person to be an active, contributing member of their community. This fuels her commitment and energy to the Supported Employment movement. Aimee graduated from the University of Washington in 2008 and has utilized her skills and experience to grow and support a large network of businesses committed to diversifying their workforce by hiring people with disabilities. Aimee firmly believes that Supported Employment is a win-win for everyone and enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge with others in the field in many ways including co-instructing the Highline Employment Certification course as well as at Bellevue College. Aimee is naturally curious, loves learning new things and meeting people. Aimee and her husband Seth enjoy traveling and athletic sporting activities. Most recently Aimee spends her time exploring the world with her 2 year old, Penelope.

  • Rob Van Oss

    Rob Van Oss

    Program Manager

    Rob has worked in the field of Supported Employment since 2013 as a Job Coach, Employment Consultant, and Transition Specialist. Rob holds a B.S. in Environmental Studies and Applications from Michigan State University and is a Certified Employment Specialist through Highline College. As a Work Study Project Manager with WiSe, Rob is very excited about exposing college-age students to the shift in perspective that comes with supporting people who experience developmental disabilities in achieving their employment goals. Rob has seen firsthand how having paid employment changes the lives of people with developmental disabilities and helps them to be integrated, contributing members of their communities, something many of us take for granted. Rob is energized by the civil-rights aspect of the Supported Employment movement and being involved with the push towards a society that includes all people, regardless of their level of ability. We all have different abilities, and Rob believes that focusing on what we can do, as opposed to what we can’t, leads us all to better outcomes. We’re all in this together! In his spare time, Rob enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, camping, watching Michigan State Basketball and Football (Go Green!), cheering for the Seahawks and Sounders FC, writing songs, and ripping out mean basslines with his rock band.

  • Morgan Cain

    Morgan Cain

    Staff Accountant/Admin Assistant

    Morgan joins the WISE staff after graduating from the University of Washington in 2015 with a degree in Psychology. She has always had a passion for social justice, and is excited to be part of a team that is working toward equitable employment for all. She is eager to bring her years of experience in administrative management into the nonprofit sector, and to continue learning the ins and outs of nonprofit accounting and management. When not at work, Morgan enjoys camping, reading, spending time with her family, and walking her two dogs around Greenlake.

  • Jenny Crook

    Jenny Crook

    Program Manager

    Jenny Crook has experience as a Competitive Integrated Employment Program Manager, an Employment Specialist, and a Job Coach in Oregon. She became a Certified Employment Support Professional through APSE in 2014 and received her BS in Sociology from Portland State University. She enjoys using her training as a Person Centered Planning Facilitator to brainstorm employment possibilities with people. Jenny's interests and strengths are in collaborating with supported employment programs and teams to create and implement best practices. She is passionate about the tenets of Employment First and achieving equitable employment for all people experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities. When not in the office she enjoys reading dystopian novels, thrift shopping for treasures, cats, and spending time with family.

  • Ryan Farrow

    Ryan Farrow

    Program Manager

    Ryan has worked as a consultant, job coach, and job developer. His assistive technology background is fueled by an enthusiasm in finding both high-tech and low-tech interventions to support people in their independence―both on and off the job. This includes providing technical assistance assisting employment specialists in setting up worksite accommodations and building natural supports. He has presented at many assistive technology conferences and trainings where he has offered his knowledge on topics such as video resume creation, assistive mobile apps, and iOS native accessibility features. He has facilitated Apple Accessibility Workshops at Apple stores both in Oregon and Washington, which focus on training individuals supporting people with disabilities. As someone who enjoys education and training, he has served as a teacher’s assistant for Highline Community College certificate program for employment specialists, and is a member of the Clark County iPad Cohort Leadership Team. He is passionate about supporting people and programs to be empowered by their potential to build individual and organizational capacity.

  • Debra McLean

    Debra McLean

    Senior Program Manager

    Debra McLean is passionate about seeing all people obtain employment. She has been intrigued with community building and person centered planning as a way to see individuals with disabilities, succeed in jobs that fit them since 1988. She has worked on a number of projects involving people with disabilities and employment .She provides training and consultation on employment and person centered planning in Washington and Oregon. She has taught classes on these topics at Portland State University in the Teacher Education Program and for Highline Community College She has worked with schools, families, agencies, businesses, and individuals, both in the US and in Australia She holds a MS in Rehabilitation Counseling and Deafness.She is a enthusiastic walker and family member.